Close a large number of small loans

A large number of small short-term loans are the most expensive debt. Close them with one credit to the rest of the proceeds without creditworthiness. From now on, loans for the rest of the income are even more favorable.

The economic crisis has resulted in massive unemployment and deflation. The financial situation of the average family in Croatia has never been more difficult, and the number of financial experts advising how to survive the crisis has never been greater.

Most will agree that the indebtedness of individuals and families is higher today than ever before. The advice of financial experts is always the same, cut costs and start saving.

For many, the cost of living is higher than the income


Considering that the minimum cost of a family of four is $ 6,388.00 and the average salary is $ 5,367.00, even if you are one of those families where both spouses are employed, it is clear that the option to save for most unfortunately seems utopian. Maybe you should cross your vacation this year?

Thinking it will be time to rest, if not sooner, when you retire. Of course, you can always find extra work, but the figure of over 380,000 unemployed people on the job market is not very encouraging.

Payments in installments, current account minuses, credit cards, car loans, housing, rising food prices, overheads, school books and cancellations are one of the most current topics in almost all daily news, generally predicting that next month will be even more difficult.

The question is, can you do anything to quickly improve your financial situation?

You can pay for a number of smaller loans, whether they be called cards or minus current payments, reminders and default interest rates, the most expensive expenditures to spend the most on your home budget. “Hollow to empty” should be stopped immediately.

Refinance high interest rates once more favorable

Refinance high interest rates once more favorable

The first step is to pay your monthly bills regularly. You probably pay the highest interest rates on credit cards and on current account overdrafts. As these amounts are lower and interest rates are highest, start dealing with these debts.

We recommend that you close high-interest rate loans with a cheaper loan. Non-purpose loans have not had such a low interest rate and negligible loan processing fees.

You tried to realize a new loan, but got the answer that your credit reduces the annuity of an existing home, car or non-purpose loan? Do you believe you do not meet the social minimum criteria of one thousand five hundred or two thousand dollars? Check the truth of these allegations!

There are lines of credit to the rest of the income, whatever that balance is. Have you used a credit intermediary service yet?

With the help of a WeProgress Group loan broker, realize a loan for the remainder of your income, close small and expensive debts, release part of your paycheck, and quickly improve your finances. Using the WeProgress Group financial intermediary service, try to get rid of a difficult financial situation easily, safely and above all permanently.