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Kid-eating contest not in the spirit of Oktoberfest


The planned kid-eating contest at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati (presented by Samuel Adams) is just not in the spirit of this historic festival. One of the original intentions of Oktoberfest in Munich was for farmers to showcase and celebrate their achievements. It’s also about having fun and connecting with others. I’m sure Louis Koch, who created the original Samuel Adams Boston Lager recipe, would agree.

Last year’s winner consumed over 80 brats. Considering there are other contestants (suffering from digestive issues), that’s hundreds of brats that can best be shared with people who are really hungry or will take the time to enjoy it. As a former hotel employee, I also consider the feelings of Samuel Adams employees. I would find it upsetting to groom and supercharge competitors, in the name of a “sport.”

Doris Schnetzer, white oak

Landsman has the public interest in mind

Child poverty has plagued Cincinnati for over 10 years with over 50% of our children living in poverty. The US bailout is expected to cut that in half.

Reducing the cost of prescription drugs is a key part of Build Back Better legislation. The greatest beneficiaries of this bill will be those on fixed incomes (retirees) and those at the bottom of the economic ladder.

When wealthy Americans and corporations don’t pay their fair share of taxes, the onus is on working Americans to pay more. President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, the first effort to address inequities in the existing tax code. This is an advantage for most Americans.

None of these issues are partisan – they benefit all citizens – yet MP Steve Chabot voted against each of these bills. It is not serving the public. Greg Landsman has the public interest in mind – whether it’s making preschool available to all Cincinnati children or cutting property taxes fivefold. Review Chabot and Landsman’s records before voting in November.

David McDiarmid, Pleasant Ridge