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Part-time jobs hiring this summer


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While unemployment remains relatively high due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are signs that employers are increasingly eager to hire. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 850,000 people were hired in June. The unemployment rate for workers aged 55 and over in June was 4.9%, the same as the month before. The overall unemployment rate for June was 5.9%, well below 11.1% last June but still far from the 3.5% rate at the start of 2020.

There is good news for seniors in this June hiring boom. Many of the areas that have seen the strongest growth in hiring are also areas that offer many opportunities for part-time work. The AARP combed through the June Jobs Report to find job growth in areas where older workers thrive in part-time positions. The following list identifies nine of these positions. Clicking on the job title will take you to the current nationwide list of job openings for that position on the AARP Job Board. Median hourly wage data is provided by the BLS, and the portion of part-time workers over 55 is provided by PayScale, a compensation tracking company.

1. Office manager

  • Share of part-time workers over 55: 30 percent
  • Average hourly wage: $ 17

As more companies start welcoming their employees to the workplace this summer, office job opportunities are starting to increase. More than 72,000 people were hired for clerical jobs in June, an increase of more than 1.2 million workers in a year.

Experienced office managers are especially in demand right now as employers and workers learn to navigate hybrid workplaces (some people working remotely while others have to be in the office).

2. Retail employee

  • Share of part-time workers over 55: 15 percent
  • Average hourly wage: $ 10

With so many people staying at home to practice social distancing for much of last year, demand for new clothes – and the workers who help sell them – has plummeted. Now that people are going out more, they are also shopping for clothes that match their post-containment physique. Clothing stores hired more than 28,000 workers in June alone.

While hourly wages aren’t as high as some of the other jobs on this list, the retail job offers very flexible hours, with opportunities to work nights and weekends. And many stores also give employees a discount on purchases, which can help those earnings grow even more.

3. Tutor

  • Share of part-time workers over 55: 15 percent
  • Average hourly wage: $ 18

Schools are already preparing for more students to return to classrooms this fall. In June, more than 269,000 people were hired in education-related jobs. This number includes the 39,000 who found employment in private education, including some tutors.

Part of the appeal of tutoring is that you can focus on the skill that best suits your expertise, whether you are good at writing or know the numbers. Tutoring can also provide opportunities to work from home.

4. Administrative assistant

  • Share of part-time workers over 55: 22 percent
  • Average hourly wage: $ 14

This is another profession that benefits from more workers returning to the office. Because there is so much uncertainty in the job market right now, many employers are turning to temporary contractors to fill the need for support staff in their offices. More than 33,000 temporary workers were hired in June.


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