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Admission to Experience Outdoors on National Route 73 near Lake Placid (Corporate Photo – Andy Flynn)

LAKE PLACID – The City-Village Joint Review Board was forced to file a request from a local business owner to host events once a month in the summer because they lacked a quorum. The proposal is expected to come back at a future meeting.

The owners of Experience Outdoors, a zipline and team building course on National Route 73, initially asked the Joint Review Board to allow the company to hold special events three days a month from May to October, these events scheduled to last up to 10 p.m. At least one of the events may have included the company’s tree climbing course, according to the original project request, so business owners Marc Doering and Bill Walton have also requested permission to extend the hours of operation of the hotel. company from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. during special events. After hearing comments from neighbors at a public hearing on July 7 – in which several neighbors expressed concern over noise pollution and alleged code violations, which Doering denied – business owners have modified their request, reducing the number of special events to one per month. , only on weekends, without use of the tree climbing course.

Based on feedback from neighbors, board member David Genito offered a compromise at Wednesday’s board meeting which would see the request approved with conditions attached. With conditional approval, business owners would only be allowed to host one event per month, only on a Friday or Saturday, and events could only run until 9 p.m.

Even with Genito’s compromise, the vote was split one to three, with Genito voting yes and board members John Rosenthal, Chip Bissell and board chairman Rick Thompson voting no.

Two of the members of the Joint Review Panel recused themselves: Walton, who is a co-owner of the company, and Bob Rafferty. Due to these challenges, the other four board members who were present at Wednesday’s meeting should have voted to approve the request to go ahead, as the review board has seven members and there must be a majority vote, according to Tim Smith, counsel for the Joint Review Panel.

“I’ll say I’m against it, sorry” Thompson told Doering on Wednesday.

Smith told the Joint Review Panel that while the request was not approved, it could still be presented at a future meeting.

Doering, before the board voted, drew attention to events he saw being held at Craig Wood Golf Course, Cascade Ski Center and Olympic Show Jumping Complex. He said he thinks it’s “ridiculous” that other businesses are allowed to do the same thing his business has requested permission to do.

“We’re just looking to have special events once a month, but with live music until 10pm,” he said.

Bissell said the review committee had no jurisdiction over these properties.

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